UltraCube, Bag-in-Box


We distribute new corrugated containers for non-hazardous liquids or hazardous solids. Sizes are from 110 to 330 gallon.


  • Corrugated Outer Box with 7 to 10 Ply wall construction for Liquids
    Corrugated Outer Box with 6 Ply wall construction for Solids
  • Typically set-up on a Wood Pallet
  • Footprint varies with Size but 40 x 48 or 42 x 42 is common
  • Can be Fork-lifted from 4 sides
  • Liquid Units with Liners will Stack up to 4 High
  • Solid Units with Liners will Stack up to 3 High
  • Solid Units Meet UN Regulations for PGI, II, and III
  • Blow-molded 275 Gallon Bottle Available for non-hazardous Products

Product Code: CorrugatedIBC




CMO Enterprises, Inc.