Snyder Flowmaster, Premier

We distribute various sizes of new Stainless Steel or Polyethylene Bins for Dry Powders or Slurries. Sizes are from 35 cu.ft. to 90 cu.ft. are standard.


  • Typically manufactured from 304 stainless steel or a HDPE rotationally molded bottle Footprint will vary with material of construction (poly or metal)
  • Top Filling Cap of 22 or 12 is standard
  • Hopper Bottoms (Slope) of 30, 45 or 60 are standard
  • The Units are designed to Double Stack
  • Discharge Options: Butterfly Valves, Slide Gates, Iris Valves Can be Fork-lifted from 2 or 4 sides
  • Eqipment such as Tilts
  • Tumblers and Discharge Stations can be Engineered to blend, mix, dump or discharge your powdered material.

Product Code: DryPowderBins




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